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Central Park Conservancy raises 75% of the Park's annual budget and is responsible for the work essential to keeping Central Park beautiful.


Central Park Conservancy, a private, not-for-profit organization, was formed in 1980 by a group of concerned citizens determined to improve Central Park. Today, we manage Central Park under a contract with the City of New York. Over its 160-year history, the Park has experienced several cycles of restoration and decline. The era of decline in the 1960s and 1970s led to Central Park Conservancy's formation. Central Park Conservancy is uniquely qualified to prevent future declines and ensure the Park's care for current and future generations.

Thanks to the generosity of many individuals, corporations, foundations, and the City of New York, Central Park Conservancy has invested nearly $700 million to date into the Park, making it a model for urban parks worldwide. We provide 75% of Central Park's $57 million annual operating budget, and are responsible for all aspects of Park maintenance, as well as capital improvements and restorations.

With 40 million visits each year to its 843 acres, Central Park is the most frequently visited urban park in the United States. To manage the Park, Conservancy crews aerate and seed lawns; rake leaves; prune and fertilize trees; plant shrubs and flowers; maintain ballfields and playgrounds; remove graffiti; conserve monuments, bridges, and buildings; and care for water bodies and woodlands, by controlling erosion, maintaining the drainage system, and protecting over 150 acres of lakes and streams from pollution, siltation, and algae.

To educate and engage Park visitors and foster the next generation of park managers and stewards, Central Park Conservancy offers a variety of educational programs for families and individuals, students and teachers, and aspiring and seasoned park professionals under the umbrella of the Central Park Conservancy Institute for Urban Parks. Institute programs are designed to help visitors explore Park landscapes, learn about its history and design, as well as share our expertise and management techniques with parks in New York City and around the world. 

The Conservancy is committed to help strengthen urban parks and the communities that surround them by expanding our work outside Central Park to develop support for stewardship and respect for urban parks.

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The mission of Central Park Conservancy is to restore, manage, and enhance Central Park in partnership with the public.

Central Park Conservancy aspires to build a great organization that sets the standard for and spreads the principles of world-class park management — emphasizing environmental excellence — to improve the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all.

Central Park Conservancy is committed to sustaining this operating model to provide a legacy for future generations of park users.

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