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Perimeter Association

The Perimeter Association provides funding for the improvement and maintenance of Central Park's six-mile perimeter which runs from the Park's wall to the street curb. Over 100 residential buildings, clubs, and community organizations around the Park support the program with contributions from $1,500 to $7,000. Contributions to the Perimeter Association allow Conservancy staff to:

  • Keep the six-mile perimeter clean seven days a week, year-round
  • Remove snow, leaves and graffiti
  • Pick up trash and other debris
  • Power wash and sweep sidewalks
  • Install plantings along the wall and at entrances
  • Repair Park walls, sidewalk and benches

Without the support of the Perimeter Association's cooperating buildings, it would be difficult to keep the perimeter clean and maintained.

The map below indicates those buildings that have contributed to the Perimeter Association during the 2016 fiscal year (donations made between July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016).

A special thank you to the Rudin Management Company for their loyal and generous support.

Women's Committee

Nyssa Kourakos
Neda Navab

Contact Info:
For more information on or to donate to the Perimeter Association please call 212.310.6613 or email wcommittee@centralparknyc.org.

Building of the Season
Winter/Spring 2015

945 Fifth Avenue

945 Fifth Avenue

Some of the most recognizable icons of Central Park aren’t inside the Park – they’re the buildings that surround it, reminding visitors of the Park’s special location in the center of a metropolis. 945 Fifth Avenue (at 76th Street) is one of the buildings that make up that recognizable skyline you see from the Park.

945 Fifth Avenue was built in 1949 by the famous New York architecture firm, Emery Roth & Sons. Emery Roth designed many distinguished New York City hotels and apartment buildings including the San Remo, the Beresford and the Eldorado. In 1947, Roth left the firm to his two sons, Julian and Richard, changing the firm’s name to Emery Roth & Sons. The Roths had a major influence on the Post-War development of Manhattan, bringing to life the idea of the time that form follows function. The 945 Fifth Avenue building has been described as a “straightforward composition rendered in beige brick above a two-story limestone base.” But, what makes this building really stand out is the dramatic water tower enclosure at the top of the building. Sitting atop the 19-story apartment building, the water tower is enclosed within a two-story recess, like that of a Mayan temple, making it an interesting addition to the East side view from the Park.

945 Fifth Avenue is owned and managed by Rudin Management Company, a generous friend of Central Park Conservancy. Since 1995, the Rudin Management Company has sponsored the “Rudin Matching Gift Program,” in which the Company asks the residents of their 14 buildings near the Park to contribute to the Perimeter Association, and they match the combined amount given by their tenants. This generous contribution allows our staff to keep the six-mile perimeter clean seven days a week, year-round. On behalf of the Women’s Committee of Central Park Conservancy, we thank 945 Fifth Avenue and the Rudin Management Company for their continued and loyal support.