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Perimeter Association

The Perimeter Association provides funding for the improvement and maintenance of Central Park's six-mile perimeter which runs from the Park's wall to the street curb. Over 100 residential buildings, clubs, and community organizations around the Park support the program with contributions from $1,500 to $7,000. Contributions to the Perimeter Association allow Conservancy staff to:

  • Keep the six-mile perimeter clean seven days a week, year-round
  • Remove snow, leaves and graffiti
  • Pick up trash and other debris
  • Power wash and sweep sidewalks
  • Install plantings along the wall and at entrances
  • Repair Park walls, sidewalk and benches

Without the support of the Perimeter Association's cooperating buildings, it would be difficult to keep the perimeter clean and maintained.

A special thank you to the Rudin Management Company for their loyal and generous support.

Women's Committee

Jill Ross
Rema Parachini
Vivian Queen

For more information on or to donate to the Perimeter Association please call
212-310-6655 or email wcommittee@centralparknyc.org.