Have a (Snow)ball!

  • Lasker and Wollman Rinks are open all season for ice skating. During the coldest months, Conservatory Water is also available.
  • The Ramble and the North Woods are two of the best spots for bird watching in Central Park.
  • With fewer visitors and fewer leaves, the winter is a great time to wander and explore Central Park.
  • Dedicated runners will brave the elements to enjoy their favorite activity.
  • You don't have to leave Manhattan to ski! The bridle path around the Reservoir is excellent for cross-country skiing.
  • When it snows, the sleds come out in Central Park. Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill are two popular locations.
  • Snow also brings snowmen (and women!).
  • Of course, snowman size may vary.

Cold weather doesn't mean the end of fun in Central Park! In the winter, the Park is filled with sledding, skating, cross-country skiing and more! Check out some of the most popular cold weather activities in the slideshow above.

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Central Park Tribute Tulips

Things to See

  • Harlem Meer

    Central Park designers Olmsted and Vaux named this man-made water body "the Meer" - Dutch for "lake." It memorialized the former separate village of Harlem that was settled in the 17th Century by European settlers and included the upper regions of Central Park.