New Design for Safer Drives

Drive changes
Changes to the drives are now in effect at all times.

If you enjoy walking, jogging, skating or cycling on the drives in Central Park, you may have noticed that you have new dedicated lanes that provide more space. Working closely with the Conservancy, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and NYPD, the New York City Department of Transportation recently made design changes to the lanes on the Park's drives that give pedestrians and cyclists a wider, safer way around the Park.

The drives north of 72nd Street have been reconfigured to provide walkers and runners with a 14 foot-wide, two-directional lane. Cyclists and skaters now have an 11 foot-wide center lane which has areas marked for slow and fast cycling. Travel in cycling lanes will continue to move counter-clockwise around the Park. To accommodate horse carriages and a narrower drive, Recreation lanes narrow south of 72nd Street.

Another significant safety feature is new specially marked pedestrian safety zones at crosswalks. The safety zones create a shorter, safer distance for pedestrians when crossing the drive.

Changes to the drives are now in effect at all times so, for safe traveling, runners, pedestrians, cyclists and rollerbladers should stay in marked dedicated lane whether or not the drives are open to vehicular traffic. Vehicle lanes will continue to be used at all times as service lanes for Conservancy, Parks Department and emergency vehicles. For more details about changes to the drive, visit NYC DOT's website (PDF).

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