The Park's Spring Lawns Begin in Autumn

Fall Mowing
The Central Park Conservancy's turf care crew maintains 300 acres of Park lawns.

With autumn officially here, the Central Park Conservancy has entered one of its busiest seasons — especially when it comes to caring for Central Park's 250 acres of lawns.

Over the next few weeks, through November, you'll see the Conservancy's staff renovating lawns before winter sets in to prevent soil erosion and runoff. Operations staff will aerate, overseed and topdress the lawns to prepare them for the winter months and Spring 2013. The work will use 7.5 tons of grass seed and 700 tons of topdressing sand.

"Fall is the best times to focus on turf care," says Neil Calvanese, the Conservancy's vice president of operations. "It's the perfect time for grass to grow."

Conservancy staff has also begun winding down the Park's ballfields. Soccer fields have opened at North and East Meadows. The fields are open for play with a permit.

Things to See

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