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Playground Partners Winter Luncheon

Playground Partners Winter Luncheon

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
11:30 am Reception
12:00 pm Luncheon
Rainbow Room, New York

Each year, the Playground Partners of the Women's Committee of the Central Park Conservancy host the Winter Luncheon to raise funds for the daily care and maintenance of Central Park's 21 playgrounds.

Over 300 guests will gather in New York City's iconic Rainbow Room to sip cocktails and dine on a seasonal menu while enjoying breathtaking views of Central Park. The Playground Partners Winter Luncheon was launched in 2012 with great success and continues to raise vital funds for and awareness of Central Park's beloved play spaces.

Online ticketing is now closed. To purchase tickets please email llong@centralparknyc.org or call 212.310.6613.

Guest Speaker
Kate Betts
Author and Journalist

2018 Chairmen
Paige Boller
Ashley Carlson
Shirin Christoffersen
Sana Clegg
Whitney Mogavero
Elizabeth Villar

Women's Committee Board Advisor
Sharon Jacob

Playground Partners Committee Co-Chairmen
Ranika Cohen
Shana Gary


  • Mary Beth Adelson
  • Jennifer Argenti
  • Michelle Auerbach
  • Talene Baroyan
  • Paige Betz
  • Katherine Birch
  • Anne Black
  • Paige Boller
  • Lizzie Boswell
  • Sugie Hong Bruttomesso
  • Ashley Carlson
  • Jessica Cho
  • Shirin Christoffersen
  • Sana Clegg
  • Austen Cruz
  • Kathryn Davis
  • Megan del Valle
  • Kristen Durkin
  • Jennifer Evans
  • Teri Friedman
  • Tiffany Gardner
  • Samantha Topping Gellert
  • Joni McKown Grossman
  • Stephanie Hessler
  • Ashley Tripplehorn Hunt
  • Lin Jamison
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Jackie Keber
  • Anna Kennedy
  • Lauren Kenny
  • Kristy Korngold
  • Sarah Kurita
  • Susan Lazarus
  • Lara Marcon
  • Heather McAuliffe
  • Nancy McCormick
  • Taylor McKenzie-Jackson
  • Emily McLellan
  • Jennifer Thompson Mermel
  • Whitney Mogavero
  • Ellen Offutt
  • Jessica Oliver
  • Leticia Pittman Presutti
  • Ainsley Earhardt Proctor
  • Susannah Rose
  • Margot Takian
  • Amy Tarr
  • Kristina Tenenbaum
  • Elizabeth Villar
  • Sarah J. Wetenhall
  • Nanar Yoseloff

No tickets will be issued for this event, all names will be held on a guest list. For more information, please contact the Playground Partners at 212.310.6613 or playgrounds@centralparknyc.org.