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West 110th Street Playground

Situated in the perimeter landscapes of Central Park are 21 playgrounds that are each unique in design and character.

These special places are a pivotal and unifying part of childhood in New York City and are critical to the positive development, health and well-being of millions of children. The Central Park Conservancy is in the midst of a special initiative that will elevate all of the Park's 21 playgrounds to the same standard of excellence with full reconstructions or significant renovations of each site. Central Play will ensure that the children of all ages and abilities who frequent the Park's playgrounds each day will enjoy the same optimal level of play space for generations to come.

In 2012, the Conservancy completed its Plan for Play, a comprehensive document that includes the history of play in Central Park and outlines the broad scope of each playground renovation. In September 2013, the Conservancy opened the newly rebuilt East 110th Street and Tarr-CoyneTots (West 67th Street) Playgrounds. In 2014 the Conservancy will oversee renovations and/or reconstructions of the East 79th Street, East 72nd Street, Wild West (West 93rd Street) and Adventure (West 68th Street) Playgrounds.

Central Play is a $40 million undertaking.

To learn more, please contact Jane McIntosh at jmcintosh@centralparknyc.org or 212-310-6641.