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West 86th-90th Street Landscape

West 86th to 90th Landscape Graphic

After decades of erosion and off-path foot traffic by thousands of Park users each year, the landscape between West 86th-90th Streets is in critical need of repair. The once green and inviting lawns have all but disappeared, landscape plantings at both entrances and along the perimeter wall are lacking, and the Central Park West sidewalk adjacent to the landscape is uneven: sections are deteriorating, buckling, or unevenly patched, diminishing the experience in this popular mid-Park area.

As part of a larger effort to restore the Park’s perimeter, the Conservancy is not only making much-needed repairs to the site, but also installing drainage and irrigation infrastructure that will help maintain lush new lawns and control erosion for years to come.

Scope of Work

The Conservancy will restore the landscape to an open, rolling greensward, introduce infrastructure and design improvements that support the use and maintenance of the landscape, provide an ADA-accessible route from the perimeter to the West Drive and Reservoir, and restore the perimeter sidewalk that runs adjacent to the landscape. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Restoring eroded lawns and deteriorated paths for improved visitor experience and reconstructing storm drainage infrastructure
  • Planting new groundcover, understory shrubs, and small trees at entrances and along the perimeter wall within the Park
  • Installing new irrigation throughout the landscape
  • Installing new site furnishings, including benches and drinking fountains
  • Repairing the perimeter pavement from West 86th-90th Streets

To help preserve this work, the Conservancy will also significantly increase its presence within the area by adding new full-time staff dedicated to this site and the surrounding landscapes. Staff will care for the newly restored lawns and landscapes as well as interact with the public.

The West 86th-90th Street Landscape project is a $5 million undertaking.

To learn more, and to support the restoration of the West 86th-90th Street Landscape, please contact Abby Healy at ahealy@centralparknyc.org or 212.310.6624.