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Planned Gifts: Creating Lifetimes of Memories

These trees will arch over many happy generations, and thousands who are not yet born will enjoy the sweet green of the grass… when those who made this great bequest shall have long passed on to other scenes. But if it be pleasant to man to know that he will not be wholly forgotten, let those who conceived the idea of this pleasure-ground… and those whose public spirit and untired zeal have brought it to perfection, be sure that their memory will not pass away, but will renew itself year by year with the waving trees and the blossoming flowers.

Clarence Cook, A Description of the New York Central Park, 1869

Central Park is many things to many people. The Park can be a place to relax, to enjoy nature in the midst of the City, to celebrate special occasions, to propose and marry, or just to take a walk. Whether a visitor comes to the Park just once, or every day for decades, the Park leaves lasting memories with everyone who experiences it. 

For over three decades, Central Park Conservancy and its supporters have dedicated themselves to the making and keeping the Park more beautiful than ever. The decay and despair of Central Park in the 1960s and 70s left different memories with visitors – memories of broken benches, defaced monuments, and dust bowl "lawns."  The Conservancy is dedicated to ensuring that the Park never goes through another period of decline again.

Whatever your financial situation, a legacy gift to Central Park Conservancy can help you to use the assets you have accumulated over a lifetime to meet your personal obligations to family and friends while simultaneously supporting the future of Central Park. With your help, we can create special memories in the Park for many generations to come.

 Helpful Tips

To learn how you can give a legacy gift to Central Park Conservancy, call our Office of Planned Giving at 212.310.6645, or email plannedgiving@centralparknyc.org. All requests and discussions are confidential and without obligation.

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