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Adventure Playground

adventure playground


Adventure Playground features a conical climber with tunnels and a slide, a fortress, maze-like structures, a circular water spray feature, sand play areas and safety carpet.

In 2015 Central Park Conservancy rehabilitated Adventure Playground to improve accessibility and reinforce the adventure play experience. The path from the Park entrance to the playground, the water spray feature and the sand-surfaced area are all wheelchair-accessible. We recreated play features from the original playground design that were lost over time, while adding fun new features for children to enjoy. In the surrounding landscape, paths were rebuilt and new plantings were added to improve your experience in the Park.

The rehabilitation of Adventure Playground is part of the Central Park Conservancy’s Plan for Play, Central Park Conservancy's first comprehensive plan created to guide the reconstruction and enhancement of each of Central Park's 21 playgrounds.


West Side at 67th Street

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