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The Dene Slope

Dene Slope


The Dene Slope is a 1.25-acre native meadow in the southwest corner of the Dene landscape. Previously a weedy, eroded hillside, the Conservancy restored the Dene Slope, adding a meadow, trail, and rustic seating. The meadow contains a variety of grasses and wildflowers that provide nourishment for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

Featuring stunning views of the pastoral surroundings and Midtown’s skyscrapers, the Dene Slope offers a peaceful spot to relax in one of the busiest areas in the Park. The trail is accessible by wheelchair between the western entrance to the Dene Slope (near the East Drive at 66th Street) and the rustic seating.

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Near: South End


East Side from 65th Street to 67th Street

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