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Scholars' Gate


In order to easily reference the Park's different entrances, the 1862 Board of Commissioners of Central Park decided to name Central Park's gates. After rejecting many ideas for naming conventions – including references to war victories, the names of the states, important cities in the Union, or names of prominent men – the Park commissioners suggested naming the gates after the vocations and groups who made New York City the great metropolis that it had become.

The names assigned to Central Park's twenty original gates honor the population of New York and represent their vision that Central Park would be 'the People's Park.'

Originally, the Board of Commissioners wanted to install small statues at each Park entrance representing the group for which the gate had been named. While the idea did not fully come to fruition, two gates do have nearby homages to their namesakes. You can find these statues at Inventors' Gate (East 72nd Street) in the form of Samuel F.B. Morse, and at Naturalists' Gate (West 77th Street) with a statue of Alexander Von Humboldt.

While the names were used on maps and colloquially, the gates were not inscribed with their names until 1999. At the urging of Parks Commissioner Henry Stern, the Central Park Conservancy undertook the job of inscribing the names of each gate into the Park's wall to preserve the historical character of the gates, and to underscore the importance of Central Park as a Park for all New Yorkers.

A full listing of Central Park's named gates is below. The Park also has three entrances featuring ornate, decorative gates. These are the Osborn Gates, Engineers' Gate, and the Vanderbilt Gate.

Engineers' Gate

Engineers' Gate

In 2015, the Central Park Conservancy restored the Park's entrance near the Arsenal at East 64th Street. In the spirit of maintaining the gates and the Park as a representation of all New Yorkers, the Conservancy added an accessibility ramp where previously there had existed only stairs.

Aerial of Arsenal Ramp

Pioneers' Gate: East 110th Street
Girls' Gate: East 102nd Street
Woodman's Gate: East 96th Street
Engineers' Gate: East 90th Street
Miners' Gate: East 79th Street
Inventors' Gate: East 72nd Street
Children's Gate: East 64th Street
Scholars' Gate: East 60th Street
Artists' Gate: Sixth Avenue
Artisans' Gate: Seventh Avenue
Merchants' Gate: Columbus Circle
Women's Gate: West 72nd Street
Naturalists' Gate: West 77th Street
Hunters' Gate: West 81st Street
Mariners' Gate: West 85th Street
Gate of all Saints: West 96th Street
Boys' Gate: West 100th Street
Strangers' Gate: West 106th Street
Warriors' Gate: Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
Farmers' Gate: Lenox Avenue

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