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Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade

Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade


The Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade was once an overgrown and underused area, but in 2007 the Conservancy's design team added grass glades, stone and tree trunk seating, and country paths to turn the area into a place for children to explore nature, arts and culture. Without formal fences and floors, a child's imagination is free to roam. The Glade is the perfect "stage" for storytelling, music, dance and theater. A variety of native plantings dot the landscape, including violets, mayapples and woodland sunflowers. Dogwoods, tulip trees, pitch pines and chestnut oaks combine to provide an elegant shade canopy. Black raspberries, Alleghany blackberries and flame azaleas are among the shrubs that surround the intimate spaces. In the evening of August 2009 the Glade was struck with a powerful microburst, similar to a tornado. Hundreds of trees in the Glade and the Great Hill were destroyed. Today, thanks to the work of the Conservancy, the areas have been replanted and are thriving.

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Near: North End


West of Great Hill Oval from West 103rd to West 106th Street

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