The Pilgrim


On the occasion of the New England Society's 75th year, the association commissioned the statue to honor the early colonists. The pilgrim grasps the muzzle of a flintlock musket in his right hand. The pedestal comprises four bas-reliefs depicting Crossbow and Arrows, the ship Mayflower, Commerce, and Bible and Sword. The inscription on the pedestal reads "To commemorate the Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers on Plymouth Rock: December 21, 1620." The statue stands at the bottom of Pilgrim Hill, Central Park's favorite sledding area. The work was given a full-scale restoration in 1979, under the auspices of the Central Park Administrator's Office.


East Side between 72nd and 73rd Streets on Pilgrim Hill.

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Sculptor: John Quincy Adams Ward (1830-1910)
Pedestal: Richard Morris Hunt
Date: 1884
Placed in Park: 1885
Material: Bronze on granite pedestal
Commissioned by: New England Society of New York

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