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The Point



A lush peninsula of the Ramble that juts into the Lake, the Point offers visitors a beautiful vantage point of Bethesda Terrace directly ahead and Bow Bridge to the west. With its green canopies and serene views, it’s a favorite spot for photographers and birders alike.

Prone to erosion, the shoreline of the Point and the greater Lake has undergone several rounds of restoration. In 1982, the fledgling Conservancy restored the area's shoreline, cleared the area of brush and dead wood and replanted hundreds of shrubs and trees. In 2008, part of a two-year, comprehensive restoration of the Lake and its surrounding landscapes, crews replaced boulders, rebuilt the shoreline from beneath and replanted an array of shrubs and trees. Conservancy rustic craftsmen created rustic seating areas, bridges, and viewing platforms along the paths in 2012.

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Near: Mid-Park


Mid-park at 73rd Street, at the Lake

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