Reservoir Running Track

Reservoir Running Track


Featuring an unsurpassed view of nearly 100 acres of water and the Manhattan skyline, this 1.58-mile track loops around the Reservoir and is one of the most iconic running spots in the entire world.

It wasn’t always this popular, or as beautiful. Until 2003, the view of the Reservoir and cityscape was obscured by a seven-foot-high chain-link fence. The Central Park Conservancy restored the original fence after scuba divers discovered a piece of it in the Reservoir, commissioning a steel replica with cast-iron ornamentation. At just four feet high, the new fence allows for improved views and a better experience for runners and visitors.

The running track spans almost the entire width of the Park, and reaches from 86th Street to 96th Street. For more information on upcoming projects involving the Reservoir Running Track, please see below.

Renovation Work


85th Street to 96th Street, from east to west.

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