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Tarr Family Playground

Tarr Family Playground


This playground is divided by a central bridge that stretches over a "lake" of sand, creating an area for preschoolers and one geared toward older children.

Age Groups:
Pre-school, School-age

The playground includes a large conical climber with a tunnel and slides; a modern net climber; a variety of swings for all ages; a wooden tree house; and a concrete maze.

Water Feature:
Thin jets shoot up from the ground, and metal posts spray a light mist. A water spigot located in a sandbox allows children to mix and play with water and sand.

Recent Reconstruction:
The Central Park Conservancy reconstructed the Tarr Family Playground in 2009.


Women's Committee logo-35yrsInitiated in 1991 by the Women's Committee of the Central Park Conservancy, Playground Partners is a group of volunteers who ensure that Central Park's 21 playgrounds are kept safe and well maintained.

Additional Information

What: Playground
For: Families
Near: North End


West Side at 100th Street

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