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Start your visit at the Dana Discovery Center where you can pick-up a free map to the eight site-specific works making up Drifting in Daylight. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water as you explore Drifting in Daylight, a free exhibition woven through the north end of Central Park that promises to engage all of your senses.

Central Park NYC's Dana Center
May 15—June 20, 2015
Fridays and Saturdays
12:00 pm—6:00 pm
Begin at Charles A. Dana Discovery Center
Enter at 110th Street and Fifth Avenue
Download a map of the entire exhibit

Woven throughout the north end, Drifting in Daylight is a free exhibition of eight site-specific artworks that promises to engage all of your senses. Wander through and you might stumble upon the sweet sounds coming from S.S. Hangover—a replica of a 1930's Icelandic fishing boat afloat on the Harlem Meer carrying a brass sextet that serenades you with an original composition.

Or maybe you can catch Black Joy in the Hour of Chaos: a jubilant combination of hip-hop dancers, musicians, and spoken word poetry, using a large "parachute turned revival-tent."

Or maybe you'll experience sunset in Central Park like never before...through your taste buds. Artist Spencer Finch will use a solar powered ice cream truck to recreate the exact hues of the setting sun and serve up delicious soft-serve sunset colored ice cream.

Drifting in Daylight is the centerpiece of Central Park Conservancy’s 35th Anniversary celebration. The exhibit is presented by Central Park Conservancy and CreativeTime.org, a nonprofit public arts organization that works with artists to contribute to the dialogues, debates, and dreams of our times.

How well do you know Central Park's north end? In honor of the Drifting in Daylight exhibition, we're revealing secrets from this lesser-known area of the Park—but one is a lie! Guess which one, and be entered to win a entry to an exclusive party in the Conservatory Garden.

Guess The Lie

About the Art

Drifting in Daylight - ship drawing

S.S. Hangover

Ragnar Kjartansson

Harlem Meer

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A replica of a 1930’s Icelandic fishing boat, the S.S. Hangover will sail in an infinite loop around the Harlem Meer carrying a brass sextet (The Metropolis Ensemble) who will serenade Park visitors with an original composition.

Drifting in Daylight - woman dancer drawing

And All Directions I Come to You

Lauri Stallings and glo

North Woods

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A dance troupe of 9 people moving in and around the North Woods and the Ravine. The glo “movement artists” will beckon the public to join them on a mysterious journey through the woods. Choreographed specifically for Central Park.

Drifting in Daylight - screen drawing

Here and Now/Glacier, Shard, Rock

Karyn Olivier

South of Harlem Meer pathway

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A sculptural sign that highlights the history of Central Park. This lenticular display will change as the visitor walks in front of it...from a glacier...to a shard of pottery found in Seneca Village...to the current landscape of the Park.

Drifting in Daylight - ice cream cones drawing

Sunset (Central Park)

Spencer Finch

5th Ave and 106th Street

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Using a solar powered ice cream truck, Finch plans to extract the exact hues of the Central Park sunset and translate them into delicious soft-serve sunset colored ice cream!

Drifting in Daylight - sculpture drawing

Black Joy in the Hour of Chaos

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Great Hill

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An interdisciplinary piece combining hip-hop dancers, musicians and spoken word poetry meant to evoke "black joy". The performers plan to engage their audience by using a large "parachute turned revival-tent".

Drifting in Daylight - sculpture drawing

Cartas al Cielo

Alicia Framis

East 102nd Street Landscape

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A “participatory sculpture”, Framis offers Park visitors a poetic mailbox in the form of a large stainless steel/ chrome globe. The globe will have a small opening where people can send their secrets, dreams, and messages to the “heavens”.

Drifting in Daylight - man running drawing

Private Moment

David Levine

Multiple Locations

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Levine “re-inserts” iconic Central Park movie scenes back into their original locations making Central Park a cinematic “backdrop”. Actors will re-create scenes from eight movies.

Drifting in Daylight - hanging balls drawing

The Lamppost Weavers

Nina Katchadourian

Along West Drive

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A set of fantastical hand-woven bird nests that will hang from the lampposts in the north end of the Park. The nests will incorporate typical nesting materials along with unexpected human objects. Birds will NOT be able to enter the nests.

Illustrations by Xavi Garcia. Courtesy of Creative Time.