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New York Philharmonic “Concerts in the Parks” - Central Park

New York Philharmonic Concert on the Great Lawn

The New York Philharmonic's "Concerts in the Parks" Series returns to Central Park this year, bringing you free outdoor concerts on the Great Lawn. This year's performances promise to be magical and we hope you'll be there.

Concert Schedule
Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 8:00 pm (Great Lawn is open all day)
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes with intermission

Here are our Top Ten Tips to help you plan the best night ever.

Great Lawn Map

1. Getting there

The Great Lawn is located mid-Park between 79th and 86th Streets. The best Park entrances to use are: West 81st Street, West 85th Street, East 79th Street, and East 84th Street.

The closest subway stops to the Great Lawn are:

  • B,C train at West 81st Street or West 86th Street
  • 1 train at West 79th Street or West 86th Street
  • 4, 5, 6 train at East 86th Street

2. Getting a great seat

The concert starts at 8:00 pm, but the Great Lawn will be open all day. The earlier you can arrive to snag a great seat, the better!

Handicap accessible seating is located on the northeast side of the Great Lawn. Enter at 84th Street and Fifth Avenue for easiest access.

3. What to bring

Blankets are a must (no lawn chairs please). Don’t forget your bug spray and sunscreen, too. The evening breeze can get chilly, so you may feel comfortable bringing an extra layer or two as well. As always, no dogs are allowed on the Great Lawn.

4. Picnics

You'll see some serious picnickers in the crowd (think tablecloths and flatware!) so if you want to avoid picnic envy, you'll need to bring your culinary A-game. There aren't many food shops on Fifth Avenue or Central Park West near the Great Lawn, so make sure to do your shopping in advance to ensure a bountiful array of treats. Please remember that alcohol is prohibited in Central Park, and in all New York City parks, according to the rules and regulations of NYC Parks.

5. Setting up

When you lay out your blankets, please keep them as close together as possible and leave room for your neighbors. This way, people can walk through the crowd without stepping on your picnic! To hear the music most clearly, set up your picnic near a speaker. (There are many spread throughout the Great Lawn.)

6. Finding your group

If you're meeting up with a group, try to choose a general location in advance (cell reception isn't as reliable as the crowd grows in size). There are a few easy ways to find someone on the Great Lawn:

  • Set up your picnic near a speaker, an entrance, a large tree, or another recognizable landmark.
  • All of the ballfields on the Great Lawn are numbered, so if you set up on or near a ballfield, you can share that exact location with friends.

7. Path Closures

Some of the paths north of the Great Lawn (surrounding the Arthur Ross Pinetum and the basketball courts) will be closed and used as a staging area. Please plan to enter the concert from the south, east, or west to avoid this area.

8. Restrooms

The nearest restrooms are located behind the Delacorte Theatre, near the southwest corner of the Great Lawn. Portable restrooms will also be set up by NYC Parks around the perimeter of the Great Lawn.

9. Trash

Carry in, carry out! Please take all of your trash with you when you leave the Great Lawn and place it in a trash receptacle on your way out of the Park. If a bin is full, please wait and place your waste in a different can.

10. Getting out

You can imagine the traffic jam that occurs when 50,000 people leave the Great Lawn all at once. Please stay on paved paths and do not trample lawns or plantings in an attempt to exit the Park faster! Instead, find your way to the Park's east or west drive for a wider path and faster route out of the Park.