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American Linden

American Linden Tree
The American linden, also known as "basswood," is our only native linden. A beautiful, large tree, the European cousin of this tree is commonly seen lining avenues and park paths in Europe. The linden blossom is famed for its light, sweet fragrance, which perfumes the air in late spring and early summer. It is an important food source for many pollinators. It also casts lovely shade!

Common Name: American Linden

Scientific Name: Tilia americana

Origin: Eastern North America

Family: Tiliaceae

Size: 70' tall

Form: Arching, irregular

Culture: Full sun to light shade; prefers moist, fertile, deep soils; tolerant of difficult, dry, or heavy soils


4 - 8" long , alternate arrangement


Small, creamy-white flowers, bloom in July


0.2 - 0.3" diameter; whitish-yellow; rounded, fuzzy nutlet held in clusters


Gray-brown; long, distinctive ridges with flat tops