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Camperdown Elm

Camperdown Elm Tree
The Camperdown elm is a deciduous tree with a dramatic, weeping form and twisted branches – often growing wider than it is tall. It was created in Great Britain when a gardener for the Earl of Camperdown was said to have discovered a young elm in Scotland, and reproduced the tree through cuttings. A beautiful Camperdown elm sits in the East Green, across the path from the East 72nd Street Playground.

Common Name: Camperdown Elm

Scientific Name: Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii'

Origin: Great Britain

Family: Ulmaceae

Size: 20'-25' tall, 18'-30' wide

Form: Weeping; dense foliage

Culture: Low maintenance; mild to cool climate


8' long, dark green and turn yellow in the fall


Small, reddish-green


Winged, green


Gray with ridges