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Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree
This evergreen tree, with its pyramid-like shape and stiff branches, serves as a welcome home for birds. Its needles are bluish, leading to its name. It's a rare find in Central Park. You can find the Colorado blue spruce northwest of Conservatory Water (just west of Alice in Wonderland).

Common Name: Colorado Blue Spruce

Scientific Name: Picea pungens

Origin: Rocky Mountains of the United States

Family: Pinaceae

Size: 50' - 75' tall, 10' - 20' wide

Form: Pyramidal

Culture: Sunny and moist, well-drained soil


< 2" long, blue to bluegreen, alternate


Orange, green, or purple


Brown, oval, 1" - 6" long; immature cones may be red or yellowish-green


Gray and rough