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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Cornelian Cherry Tree
Named for its red, cherry-like berries, the cornelian cherry features lots of color –'lush green leaves, and fruits that range from yellow to orange to red. They can be found throughout Central Park. For starters, they are on both sides (north and south) of the Hans Christian Andersen statue, and are also on both sides (north and south) of Vanderbilt Gate, the Fifth Avenue entrance to Conservatory Garden.

Common Name: Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Scientific Name: Cornus mas

Origin: Southern Europe and southwestern Asia

Family: Cornaceae

Size: 20' - 25' tall, 15' - 20' wide

Form: Oval or round

Culture: Very hardy; can withstand full sun, shade, and drought


2" - 4" long, opposite, smooth


Small, yellow, bloom in late winter


Resemble coffee berries, yellow to orange to bright red


Dark gray to reddish brown