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Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud Tree
Arguably the most striking spring tree, the eastern redbud blooms along its trunk and branches, outlining the small tree (or large shrub) in electric, glowing pink. The form of budding is called culiflory. Eastern redbuds have called Central Park home from the very beginning, and can be seen in colorful profusion on the eastside near 86th Street. The eastern redbud occasionally provides yellow foliage in fall.

Common Name: Eastern Redbud

Scientific Name: Cercis canadensis

Origin: Southeastern and central United States

Family: Leguminosae

Size: 20 - 30' tall, 25 - 35' wide

Form: Rounded to broad, flat-topped, branches upright, spreading to irregular

Culture: Full sun to light shade; likes moist, well-drained, soil, but is adaptable to most soils that are not permanently wet; avoid very dry, hot locations; transplant young trees for best success


3 - 5" long, alternate arrangement, simple leaves, heart-shaped, bright yellow some years


Very showy, small, purplish-pink, pea-like, bloom late March to early April


Flattened legume pods


Smooth, reddish-brown to dark brown on stems; older branches have scaly, dark brown bark that sheds in layers to reveal inner bark