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Green Ash

Green Ash Tree

A native of North America, the green ash has become more widespread in the wake of the destruction of American elms from Dutch elm disease. A popular urban tree, the green ash is now threatened by the invasive, imported emerald ash borer beetle. Green ash trees tend to be shorter than white ash trees.

Common Name: Green Ash

Scientific Name: Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Origin: Eastern United States

Family: Oleaceae

Size: 60 - 70' tall, 45' wide

Form: Oval upright crown, medium texture

Culture: Thrives in full sun; prefers moist, deep, fertile soil; adaptable; soil pH not critical; easily transplanted and established; tolerant of poorly-drained soils


2 - 5", smooth or toothed edges, opposite arrangement, odd rows of five to nine leaflets, lance-shaped


Dioecious (distinct male and female colonies), greenish, bloom mid to late April


Females produce samaras


Gray bark, stout stems