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Hawthorn Tree
Hawthorns are named for their sharp thorns. These trees are occasionally used in hedge rows to be a living fence. There are five species of hawthorn trees in Central Park. For instance, green hawthorns can be found west of the Great Lawn, and a downy hawthorn can be found near the south entrance of Conservatory Garden.

Common Name: Hawthorn

Scientific Name: Crataegus

Origin: Europe

Family: Rosaceae

Size: 10'-40' tall, 10'-30' wide

Form: Round

Culture: Hardy, grow in lots of soil types


Small, 3 to 5 jagged lobes, resembling miniature maple leaves


White to red


Berries that can be fire-engine red to purple to yellow, loved by wildlife


Smooth when young; forming plates or ridges as they get older