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Hedge Maple

Hedge Maple Tree
Widely planted in Europe and the United Kingdom, the hedge maple is an ornamental tree that is no longer widely planted in North America due to its invasive tendencies. There are just a handful of hedge maple specimens to be found in Central Park. The leaves of the hedge maple have rounded points unlike almost all other maples. The hedge maple can commonly be found in the very oldest hedge rows across the United Kingdom, suggesting that these hedgerows are actually remnants of the woodlands extant prior to the clearing of the land for farming and grazing.

Common Name: Hedge Maple

Scientific Name: Acer campestre

Origin: Europe, Near East, and Africa

Family: Aceraceae

Size: 25 - 35' tall

Form: Very round crown, densely branched

Culture: Adaptable to many soils including very alkaline, acidic, dry, or compacted sites; tolerates heavy pruning


2 - 4" wide, opposite arrangement, three to five lobed leaves


Small, yellow-green, bloom in May


Pairs of samara join to form a nearly straight line, nutlet often pubescent


Grayish-black, shallow ridges and furrows, resembles bark of Norway maple (Acer platanoides)