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Katsura Tree
The katsura tree features varying colors throughout the year. In spring, its leaves begin reddish-purple, changing to bluegreen as they mature, and turning yellow in the fall. There are a cluster of katsura trees at the West 72nd Street entrance to Strawberry Fields.

Common Name: Katsura

Scientific Name: Circidiphyllum japonicum

Origin: Southern Japan and China

Family: Cercidiphyllaceae

Size: 40'-60' tall, 20-30' wide

Form: Tall and narrow to spreading

Culture: Hardy, but prefer well-drained to dry soil


Simple, thin heart-shaped leaves that produce a caramel-like smell (burnt sugar) when they fall


Tiny, bright red; come out before leaves in the late winter


Peapods containing winged seeds


Gray to brown; forming long, shallow furrows