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Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak Tree
The northern red oak is the most common oak of the northeast, and the second most common oak in Central Park. Don't miss the northern red oak in fall, when its leaves display brilliant yellow, brown, and red colors.

Common Name: Northern Red Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus rubra

Origin: Northeastern and central United States

Family: Fagaceae

Size: 75' tall

Form: Rounded outline, upright spreading branches

Culture: Thrives in full sun; well drained, acidic, soil is best; easily transplanted; grows rapidly and withstands urban conditions well; needs ample room to develop


5 - 8" long, 4 - 6" wide, alternate arrangement, seven to eleven bristle-tipped broad lobes, leaf surface is lustrous, yellow/brown/red in fall


Pale yellow-green catkins (male), bloom in May


Acorns borne singly or in pairs, large saucer like cap


Brown to black on old branches and trunks