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Persian Ironwood

Persian Parrotia Tree
The Persian ironwood is a highly ornamental, shrub-like tree that features impressive fall foliage. Its leaves are lustrous and obscure every branch. You can find the Persian ironwood between the Obelisk and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and between the West Drive and the Great Lawn.

Common Name: Persian Ironwood

Scientific Name: Parrotia persica

Origin: Iran and Azerbaijan

Family: Hamamelidaceae

Size: 20' - 40' tall, 15' - 30' wide

Form: Round to oval

Culture: Tolerates all soils


4.5" long, 2.5" wide, ovate, roughly toothed, terminate at a sharp point


Small, no petals, red, bloom in late winter to early spring


Tiny, shiny nuts enclosed in tough brown husk


Gray-brown, exfoliating thin, scaly plates revealing red-brown on the underbelly