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Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia Tree
The saucer magnolia, named for its saucer-cupped flowers is a spectacle not to be missed in early April. The saucer magnolia was the first magnolia hybrid to be created in Euorope. It is one of the earlier blooming magnolias and its blooms can be damaged by spring cold snaps. A group of saucer magnolias behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art and along the East Drive surrounding the Obelisk are some of the most beautiful specimens of this tree in Central Park.

Common Name: Saucer Magnolia

Scientific Name: Magnolia x soulangiana

Origin: Hybrid (Magnolia heptapeta x Magnolia quinquepeta), Asia

Family: Magnoliaceae

Size: Up to 30' tall, upright, spreading branching

Form: Rounded to irregular

Culture: Thrives in full sun and fertile, moist-organic soil


3 - 7" long, 1.5 - 3.5" wide, elliptical, sharply pointed tip


White, pink, or purple; cup-like; bloom mid- to late April


4" aggregate fruit with knobby surface


Smooth, silver-gray