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Schwedler Norway Maple

Schwedler Norway Maple Tree
Imported from Europe, the Schwedler Norway Maple is a distinctive tree. Plenty of varieties of the Norway maple were cultivated in the 19th century, but this type persisted because of their ability to withstand urban pressures. They are directly south and east of Conservatory Water.

Common Name: Schwedler Norway Maple

Scientific Name: Acer platanoides

Origin: Eastern and central Europe, western Asia

Family: Sapindaceae

Size: 40'-60' tall, 35'-50' wide

Form: Oval

Culture: Prefers full sun and well-drained soils


Opposite, 5-lobed, green to purple to purple-red


Purplish/yellow flowers that unfold in early spring




Brown to gray (sometimes dark gray or near black), contains intersecting ridges that become wider and flatter as the tree matures