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Serviceberry Tree
The serviceberry is a small tree that is delightful through every season. It provides bright blooms in the spring, colorful fruit in the summer that is beloved by birds, stunning foliage in the fall, and attractive bark in the winter. Serviceberries can be found in the Ramble near the Gill, and near the West Drive between West 75th and 76th Streets.

Common Name: Serviceberry

Scientific Name: Amelanchier

Origin: North America

Family: Rosaceae

Size: 15' - 40' tall, 15' - 25' Form

Form: Oval, shrub-like

Culture: Prefers moist to well-drained soils


1" - 3" long, oval, alternate, toothed


Small, white, bloom in early spring


Small, purple pomes


Smooth, gray, develop cracks as they mature