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White Ash

White Ash Tree
White ash wood is responsible for one of the most recognizably American sounds, the crack of a baseball hitting a bat. The strong pale wood has been used for generations to manufacture baseball bats, tennis racquets, bowling alleys, furniture, flooring, and much more. It is most famously used by the maker of the Louisville Slugger baseball bats, a favorite of New York City heroes like Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig. Because of its widespread use, white ash is cultivated across the United States. However, it is now under attack from an invasive beetle from Asia called the emerald ash borer. How can you help protect the white ash? Never transport firewood from place to place.

Common Name: White Ash

Scientific Name: Fraxinus americana

Origin: Eastern North America

Family: Oleaceae

Size: 60 - 70' tall

Form: Oval in youth, more rounded with age, upright and spreading branches

Culture: Thrives in full sun; prefers moist, deep, fertile soils; tolerant of poorly drained soils


8 - 15" long, opposite arrangement, rows of five to nine leaflets, leaflets are narrow and oval-shaped with tips that taper to a point


Small; green, purple, and black


Female plants produce paddle shaped samaras


Reddish, shiny bark, looks polished