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Green Careers Panel Series

Interested in the environment, parks or green spaces, and urban sustainability? Looking to explore career options?

Central Park Conservancy’s Green Careers Panel Series will demonstrate how your interests can translate to careers in landscape management, ecology, urban planning, data/asset management, fundraising, social science, education, sustainability, public/community engagement, landscape architecture, and policy. Urban parks are critical to the future sustainability of cities and as population density increases they require an integrated approach from multiple professions and fields to continue to deliver social, ecological, and economic benefits to their full potential.

  • Meet students with similar interests
  • Learn about urban sustainability and resiliency in New York City
  • Meet professionals who can guide your career interests
  • Learn about potential careers in the urban environmental field

Who’s Invited: High School and Early College Students
Dates: Wednesdays, January 17 – February 14, 2018
Times: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Central Park Conservancy, 14 East 60th Street [further details to be provided upon registration]

January 17 - Science and Natural Resource Management in the Urban Environment
Urban nature includes a multitude of green spaces and environments: green dividers, street trees, urban forests, vacant lots, green roofs, and even in and around NYCs waterways. Hear from four environmental professionals who have dedicated their careers to developing, researching, managing, and protecting these vibrant and dynamic urban spaces. Learn how you can get involved through volunteer and internship opportunities and how to apply your environmental interests to future career paths.

January 24 - Planning the Urban Environment
By 2050, 75% of the world’s population will be living in cities. Cities are complex ecosystems of many moving parts, and the field of urban planning encompasses a broad range of professions and expertise that contribute to making them functional, healthy, and safe places for people to live. Three planning professionals will share their expertise in a lively dialogue covering how urban parks shape the way cities function, ways to get involved in shaping your community, and professions that will shape the cities of our future.

January 31 - Sustainability in the Urban Environment cohosted with Bloomberg Startup
The future of healthy, vibrant, and livable cities depends on sustainable practices and technologies. Corporations and non-profits are increasingly adopting initiatives to promote sustainability and minimize impact on the environment. Learn from four professionals on how their diverse careers intersect with sustainability, how Bloomberg L.P. is committed to sustainability, and how to connect your interests to existing sustainability initiatives and careers.

February 7 - Education and Engagement in the Urban Environment
From citizen science to birdwatching to building trails to planting trees, environmental professionals engage people of all ages in their local environment. Hear from three education and conservation professionals that have dedicated their careers to educating people about the urban environment. Learn how you can get involved now and how to pursue academic and career interests that will lead to environmental education and conservation careers.

February 14 - Technology in the Urban Environment
The urban environment is increasingly measured, quantified, and analyzed by informational technological systems. Hear from three tech professionals on how their careers support and inform the urban environment and how your computer science and technological interests can translate to careers in the environmental field.

Youth Education & Service Programs are generously supported by The Barker Welfare Foundation, Abraham Perlman Foundation, The Pinkerton Foundation, and William E. Weiss Foundation, Inc./Daryl Brown Uber.