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Did you know that there are over 21,500 trees in the Park, covering 31 families within the deciduous and coniferous classes of trees, 71 genera, and 152 species? The park is also home to thousands of species of flowers that vary from season to season throughout the Park in its many gardens.

Browse our Tree Database to find information on just a few of the trees found in the Park. Or, members can take a look at our Bloom Guide, a special members-only guide to flowers in the Park and when they're in bloom.


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Things to See

  • Gapstow Bridge in Central Park Gapstow Bridge

    Curving gracefully over the neck of the Pond at 59th Street, Gapstow is one of the iconic bridges of Central Park. It is the second bridge in its place. The first, a much more elaborate wood and iron bridge, designed by Jacob Wrey Mould, deteriorated and was replaced in 1896.