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American Elm
An American Elm tree.

American Elm

Ulmus Americana
American Elm

The American elm, which has been decimated all through its range by the ravages of Dutch elm disease, is alive and thriving in Central Park. Our major stands are at the Mall and along Fifth Avenue, but the American Elm is common throughout the Park. This most graceful tree — massive, yet delicate — is truly interesting in all four seasons.

Vase-shaped with large arching branches, producing cathedral-like effect when planted in rows.

  • The Mall/Literary Walk, mid-Park from 66th to 72nd Streets
  • East Meadow, inside the Park at 99th Street and Fifth Avenue
  • North Meadow, mid-Park from 97th to 102nd Streets
  • Very common through Central Park
American Elm BarkAmerican Elm Bark
Gray furrowed with ridges that are somewhat scaly.
American Elm FlowerAmerican Elm Flower
Small, not showy, growing in clusters appearing early spring. In mild winters have bloomed as early as late January.
American Elm FruitAmerican Elm Fruit
Round, flat wafer-like samaras (wing seeds), 3/8 to 1/2 inch across.
American Elm LeafAmerican Elm Leaf
Simple alternate, oblong, serrated margin 3 to 6 inches long. Leathery dark green on top, paler underneath.

Steve Baskauf,
Matthew Brown, Central Park Conservancy
Neil Calvanese, Central Park Conservancy

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