Playground Partners Family Scavenger Hunt

The Playground Partners are hosting their first-ever Family Scavenger Hunt! From Monday, May 24 to Saturday, June 5, 2021, families are invited to explore Central Park through a unique and interactive adventure.

In place of the Annual Family Party, this year's Family Scavenger Hunt will raise essential funds for the daily care and maintenance of Central Park's 21 playgrounds.

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2021 Co-Chairs

Names to come
First Last
First Last
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Playground Partners Co-Chairs

Katherine Birch
Samantha Topping Gellert

Playground Partners Vice Chair

Heather McAuliffe

Women’s Committee President

Yesim Philip

Playground Partners Committee

Stefanie Alfond
Michelle Auerbach
Talene Baroyan
Anna Bender-Zeckendorf
Paige Betz
Anne Black
Sarah Blais
Lizzie Boswell
Caroline Bouckaert
Sugie Hong Bruttomesso
Sana Clegg
Krista Corl
Mimi Ritzen Crawford
Austen Cruz
Kristen Durkin
Ainsley Earhardt
Jennifer Evans
Brooke Fadale
Tiffany Gardner
Kara Gerson
Amy Hart
Stephanie Hessler
Jackie Keber
Ji Park Kwak
Kate Lauprete
Susan Lazarus
Nancy McCormick
Taylor McKenzie
Emily McLellan
Whitney Mogavero
Erin Nance, MD
Margo M. Nederlander
Lizzy Quick
Starrett Ringbom
Susannah Rose
Stephanie X. Stamas
Liza Weiner
Sarah J. Wetenhall
Gigi Stone Woods
Nanar Yoseloff

For more information, please contact the Playground Partners at [email protected] or call 212.310.6675.