March Secrets of Central Park

Wednesdays at 12:30 pm

Can't visit the Park in person? No problem. This year, our expert guides are bringing its sweeping views, stunning vistas, sublime natural wonders, and thriving wildlife to you!

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March 6: Signs of Spring

Is it here yet? Winter is coming to a close, and we can't wait to spot the first green shoots and delicate buds to assure us spring is just around the corner!

March 13: Masonry and Stonework in Central Park

With an array of beautifully crafted stone materials like granite, schist, and gneiss, Central Park is a stonemason's dream! Come explore hidden architectural gems as we examine just some of the Park’s many stone bridges, statues, and structures.

March 20: Year-Round Drinking Fountains

Thirsty? If you just know where to look, you can enjoy Central Park’s fresh drinking water year-round! In this walk, we will reveal the location of the precious water fountains that remain active through the winter and explore the engineering feat that makes them possible.

March 27: A Day in the Dirt

Getting dirty is something most of us spend our adult lives trying to avoid, but today we're going to do the opposite! Did you know most of Central Park's soil was transported from surrounding areas of New York and New Jersey? Let's get a little dirty as we learn about the importance of soil in Central Park and the many living systems it supports.