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Geology and Glaciers- The Shaping of Central Park

PART I: 30-minute lecture at Chess & Checkers focusing on minerals, rock, the bedrock found in Central Park, and a demo showing how glaciers leave behind striations. Lecture also includes how Olmsted & Vaux used bedrock outcrops both as a landscape feature and for visual effects (example: Chess & Checkers sits on top of a bedrock feature that was actually formed by the glacier!)

PART II: 45-60-minute tour discussing other landscape features created by the ice; identifying glacial striations, differences between Fordham Gneiss & Manhattan Schist, and determining direction of movement with cell phone compasses. Tour will begin at Chess & Checkers and conclude at Maine Monument.

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Chess and Checkers house. Mid-Park between 64th and 65th Streets.

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Umpire rock, carved by glaciers


3/13/20 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm


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