Urban Park Roundtable

The Urban Park Roundtable, held every spring and fall, convenes park professionals from around the country to collectively develop "next practices” in urban park management.


Registration: Required, Opens in February 2021
Cost: Free

Fall 2020 Urban Park Roundtable: Park Partnerships and the Post-COVID-19 Recovery of Urban Centers

The fall 2020 Roundtable convened virtually on November 12 and 13, 2020, to focus on the role of park partnerships in the recovery of cities, as urban park managers and park nonprofits navigate COVID-19 and its effects. Participants reflected on the past nine months, shared their learnings, heard from park organizations that quickly pivoted programs and policies at the height of the pandemic, and learned about how they are planning for the future. Julia Diamond, Director of Grand Park, and members of the Grand Park leadership team joined us as featured speakers.

About the Urban Park Roundtables

Since 2017, the Institute has hosted the Urban Park Roundtable, in partnership with urban park organizations in cities around the US including Detroit, MI (City of Detroit Parks & Recreation, Public Space Planning Unit); Austin, TX (The Trail Foundation); San Francisco, CA (Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and The Presidio Trust); Buffalo, NY (Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy), and Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy). Topics have focused on the role of park partnerships in the care and management of urban parks, such as corporate philanthropy; establishing successful partnerships; and key performance indicators for urban parks.

Learn more about the Urban Park Roundtable, featured in the March 2020 National Recreation and Park Association’s Parks & Recreation Magazine.