Jigsaw Puzzles

Soothe your mind and help pass the time with these Park-themed jigsaw puzzles, featuring a few of our favorite sights within Central Park. Share your finished product using #MyCentralPark!


Gapstow Bridge

The elegant Gapstow Bridge offers a dramatic view of the Central Park South skyline, which includes the Plaza Hotel and other notable skyscrapers.

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Belvedere Castle

This miniature castle sits atop Vista Rock and looks out over the Great Lawn to the north and the Ramble to the south, offering sweeping views of the Park and its surrounding cityscape.

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Conservatory Water

Kids (and kids at heart) gather at Conservatory Water to steer radio- and wind-powered model boats across its glassy surface, also a highlight of E.B. White’s beloved Stuart Little.

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North Woods 

Under the cover of soaring treetops, visitors can wander along winding paths of the North Woods’ 40 acres to enjoy the wilderness of the Ravine, birdwatch, or gaze over the waters of the Loch. 

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