Jigsaw Puzzles: Central Park’s North End

Soothe your mind and help pass the time with these Park-themed jigsaw puzzles.

These puzzles feature a few of our favorite sights within Central Park's North End. Share your finished product using #myCentralPark!

Glen Span Arch

This picturesque arch, which carries the West Drive above while a narrow footpath runs under it along the water, is made from rock blasted from the natural rock outcrops.

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North Woods

Under the cover of soaring treetops, visitors can wander along winding paths of the North Woods’ 40 acres to enjoy the wilderness of the Ravine, birdwatch, or gaze over the waters of the Loch.

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Conservatory Garden

Featuring a French-style  North Garden, Italianate Center Garden, and English-style South Garden, Conservatory Garden — Central Park’s six-acre formal garden — is one of the hidden wonders of Central Park.

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Harlem Meer/Charles A. Dana Center

Nestled off the north shore of the glimmering Harlem Meer, this picturesque visitor center was built by the Conservancy as a place for free educational and community programs, exhibits, and holiday celebrations.

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