Birding Basics

Birding Basics: The North Woods

The North Woods is a popular spot for the more than 270 migrating bird species that pass through Central Park each year. Learn the basics of bird identification while exploring Central Park’s largest woodland landscape. Along with beautiful arches and peaceful waterfalls, the North Woods provides 40 acres of vibrant habitat in the middle of New York City. Explore its variety of wildlife, while learning the basics of bird identification with Conservancy guides.

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Beginning Birding North Woods

Where to Meet

Charles A. Dana Discovery Center (Inside the Park at 110th Street between Fifth and Lenox Avenues)

Charles A. Dana Discovery Center



Accessibility Rating



A few inclines, some stairs, and uneven trails.

Tour Highlights

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Charles A. Dana Discovery Center

East Side at 110th Street

Harlem Meer

East Side at 106th-110th Streets

Glen Span Arch

West Side at 102nd Street

The Loch

Mid-Park at 102nd Street

Huddlestone Arch

Mid-Park at 105th Street

The Ravine

Mid-Park at 103rd Street

The Pool

West Side at 100th-103rd Streets

Springbanks Arch

Mid-Park at 102nd Street

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