Discovery Walks for Families

Discovery Walks for Families: Turtle Pond

Bring your family and discover Turtle Pond — home to five species of turtles who live here year-round.Learn why they love basking in the sun on flat logs or rocks, which makes the base of Vista Rock the perfect spot for their sunbathing activities. Explore the Pond’s history and design, and hear about what it takes to maintain a healthy and beautiful waterbody through hands-on exploration and guided activities in your complementary Discovery Journal.

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Turtle Pond in winter

Where to Meet

Belvedere Castle (mid-Park at 79th Street). Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the Discovery Walk to allow time for check in.

Belvedere Castle


Free. Space is limited, registration required.


Families with children ages 5+. No groups, please.


May not be suitable for strollers.

Accessibility Rating



A few inclines and some stairs

Tour Highlights

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Belvedere Castle

Mid-Park at 79th Street

Turtle Pond

Mid-Park at 80th Street

Vista Rock

Mid-Park at 79th Street