Evening Tours

East Side Evening Stroll

Make the most of your evening on a leisurely stroll through Central Park. This tour showcases landmarks like the Mall, Balto, and the Lake. Plus, take in the views between the south end of the Park and Bethesda Terrace, where you can stop to appreciate the waterfront after this hour-long walk.

Bethesda Fountain at twilight

Where to Meet

Inside the Park at Fifth Avenue at 61st Street


Free. Registration not required.


Some stairs and a few inclines.

Accessibility Rating



A few inclines and some stairs

Tour Highlights

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Bethesda Terrace

Mid-Park at 72nd Street

Bethesda Fountain

Mid-Park at 72nd Street

The Mall (Literary Walk)

Mid-Park at 66th-72nd Streets


East Side at 67th Street


East Side at 64th Street

Central Park Zoo

East Side at 63rd-66th Streets

The Lake

Mid-Park at 71st-78th Streets

Dene Slope

East Side at 65th-67th Streets