Conservatory Garden Tour

Celebrate spring with a tour of Central Park’s only formal garden, featuring thousands of colorful tulips, two picturesque allées of blooming crabapple trees, and a magnificent wrought-iron gate made in 1894. Conservatory Garden looks unlike anything else in Central Park — learn about its history, design, and blooms from the people who know it best.

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Conservatory Garden Spring Blooms

Where to Meet

Vanderbilt Gate at Conservatory Garden (Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets)

Vanderbilt Gate


$15 (Members $10). Last Saturday of every month is free with registration.


For wheelchair access, enter the Park at 106th Street and Fifth Ave, and enter the Garden at the north gate.

Accessibility Rating



A few inclines and some stairs.

Tour Highlights

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Burnett Fountain

East Side at 104th Street

Conservatory Garden

East Side at 104th-106th Streets & 5th Avenue

Conservatory Garden Center Fountain

East Side at 105th Street

Vanderbilt Gate

East Side at 105th Street & 5th Avenue

Untermyer Fountain

East Side at 105th Street

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Explore Conservatory Garden’s colorful blooms using hands-on activities to investigate the role they play in making the Park beautiful and healthy.

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