The Belvedere: Beautiful View Tour

Begin your tour by enjoying the sweeping vistas of the Great Lawn from the plaza of the newly restored Belvedere Castle while learning about its history and preservation. Then, see the Castle from every angle as you explore the surrounding landscapes, including Turtle Pond, King Jagiello, and the 3,500-year-old “Cleopatra’s Needle.”

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Belvedere Castle, this tour does not visit the Castle interior. Please plan on exploring the Castle’s terrace levels before or after your tour.

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Belvedere Castle under a blue summer sky

Where to Meet

Belvedere Castle, mid-Park at 79th Street.

Belvedere Castle


$15 (Members $10). No groups, please.


A few inclines and some stairs

Length of Tour

90 minutes

Distance of Tour

0.76 miles

Tour Highlights

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Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle

Mid-Park at 79th Street



East Side at 81st Street

King Jagiello

King Jagiello

East Side at 79th Street

Turtle Pond

Turtle Pond

Mid-Park at 80th Street