The Ramble Tour

Coined the "wild garden" by Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted, the Ramble offers visitors a tranquil spot to meander along winding paths and discover hidden forest gardens. Designed as an idyllic escape for urban explorers and recently restored to recreate Olmsted’s original vision, visitors can follow a maze of pathways past streams and under arches, all with trees overhead — a rare chance to enjoy nature without leaving the City.

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Where to Meet

Belvedere Castle, mid-Park at 79th Street.

Belvedere Castle


$15 (Members $10)

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Uneven, with hills, stairs, and wood-chipped trails.

Tour Highlights

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The Ramble

Mid-Park at 73rd-79th Streets

Ramble Stone Arch

Mid-Park at 77th Street

The Gill

Mid-Park at 76th Street

Oak Bridge at Bank Rock Bay

West Side at 77th Street

The Lake

Mid-Park at 71st-78th Streets

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Mid Park Welcome


Mid-Park Welcome Tour

Discover some of the Park's best-known features and breathtaking views during this introductory tour.

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Ramble Winter L


Winter Tree Walk: The Ramble

Step away from the City and take refuge in Central Park’s serene Ramble, a 36-acre woodland featuring cascades and tree-covered pathways.

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Self-Guided Tour

May: A Walk Around the Lake

Visit the newly rebuilt boat landings around the Lake — recreated with their original designs from the 19th century in mind — and learn about the Park's rich history. You’ll also visit the Ramble, one of the Park’s woodland landscapes.

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