Yesim Philip

President of the Women's Committee

Photo of Yesim Philip

Yesim Philip has been an active member of the Women’s Committee for over 15 years and has served on our Board since 2012. She has shown her devotion to the Park through her involvement in various Women’s Committee programs and committees, including the Nominating Committee, the Women’s Committee 35th Anniversary Committee, Co-Chair of Playground Partners and Women’s Committee Membership, and she co-chaired the Olmsted Luncheon and the Fall Luncheon. She has also served as Executive Vice President of the Women’s Committee Board. Yesim was elected President of the Women’s Committee in June of 2020 and will serve a two-year term.

In addition to the Women’s Committee, Yesim sits on the Board of The Boys Club New York City and on the Advisory Board of the USTA Foundation.

Yesim Philip was born and raised in Turkey. She attended Marmara University before becoming a professional basketball player, during which time she played on the Turkish national team. Yesim founded L’Etoile Sport, a women’s tennis, golf and activewear company, of which she is currently CEO. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and three children.